Virtual Care – By Dr. Shruti

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Thank you for being patient with us as we are temporarily closed for in-office visits due to COVID-19. In the interim, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at for questions, concerns and to book a virtual consultation.

What is a virtual consultation?

Until we decide on and have a virtual platform set up to have video calls, I personally will be using emails, phone calls and zoom meetings to conduct any home care exercise suggestions, follow-ups on reports and any other questions you may have that relate to your ongoing care plan.

Obviously I cannot perform spinal manipulation virtually, but what else can I offer?

During video calls, we can discuss stretches, exercise, perform exercises, evaluate your ability to perform the exercise, or even simply check in with your progress to ensure that you are staying on track with your self-care. This is especially important for those in an MVA program, post-concussion, or in need of home care suggestions to self-treat while following public health guidelines regarding physical distancing.

What is an acute care case and when can I have an in-office visit?

Currently, our regulatory college is defining acute/urgent care as any patient who is unable to go more than two months without negatively affecting their nMSK (neuromusculoskeletal) condition. If you feel that you are unable to postpone care for two months or longer and want to discuss an appointment option, please reach out. As we are not regularly checking voicemail messages in the clinic, please send an email.

What is the cost of a virtual care appointment?

The cost of your appointment will depend on the type of appointment. As phone calls and video calls require longer bookings, they will be booked at 20minute intervals with a rate of $60-84 depending on what is being discussed.

How do I pay for my virtual appointment?

I am using Square to process payments at this time. Payment is to be made directly to me via credit card and once I am able to direct bill, I will request the reimbursement to be sent straight to you. I am in the process of setting up my own direct billing account and when that is available, I will consider the option to direct bill and only need a credit card on file for any remaining co-pay amounts.

Will I still get a receipt for my appointment and can I use it to submit to my benefits?

Yes. I will email you a receipt via Square and it will have the information needed to submit to your benefit company. If there are concerns or more details required by your benefit company, I can reissue a more detailed receipt.

If your question was not answered above or you need more clarification. Email me!

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