Temporary Closure – Until April 6, 2020

Given growing concerns about COVID-19, and our unwavering concern for your safety, we are temporarily closing at both locations – Abbey Lane Chiropractic and SpineWise – effective immediately, at least until April 6th, 2020. The well-being of our patients, staff and our community is our top priority. We believe closing the facility is the best way to protect everyone.

Our original plan to remain open for limited hours to support acute cases and transfer them to non-essential care than can be rescheduled for a later appointment is NOT going to continue. However, in an effort to provide support to those who have questions and need some care until we re-open, I am looking into telemedicine options, either using Zoom, doxy.me, or Whatsapp for quick video calls if a phone conversation is not sufficient. appointments during business hours will be made available on a case per case basis. Please note that any care rendered via telemedicine is still subject to charges and payment is expected, either directly via square or via your extended health care plan if applicable.

In the interim, complementary resources are being worked on for release via the website, social media, or direct email. Please watch for updates on our website about when we will reopen. 

If you have an upcoming appointment, please watch for our update phone call, email or text message about rescheduling. 

If you have any questions for us, please direct them to drsharma@drshrutisharma.com.

Thank you for your patience as we are establishing how to best meet your needs and remain within the guidelines of our college and public health regulations.

Stay healthy!
Dr. Shruti Sharma

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