Slip and Falls

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If you slip and fall this winter season, please make sure to come in for a check up and treatment. Soft tissue damage often takes 2-3 days to become significantly noticeable. That small dull ache in your back can turn into a nasty painful spasm that keeps you from enjoying time with your family and/or getting to work.

Simple solutions for home care include:

  • ice to the area of impact and pain
  • heat or warm epsom salt bath to draw out the toxins from the area
  • drink plenty of fluids, especially water to hydrate those muscles
  • eat sufficient protein to provide your body with nutrients to repair itself
  • avoid excessive use of over the counter pain medications
  • seek medical advice from your doctor or preferred health care provider if symptoms worsen, persist longer than usual, or you lose consciousness due to a fall
  • remember to pay attention to the weather conditions
  • look down at the ground to evaluate your stride speed and length

Helping you hurt less, move better and live well,
Dr. Shruti Sharma


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