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The skin care, bath and body and make up lines are my daily favourites.

  • The FC line for bath and body products. They just smell amazing!
  • The Clear Advantage line for my face with a couple of the RE9 products as well.
  • The CC cream (medium for me), eye shadows, mascara and powder for my make up make it effortless to leave the house looking ready to take on the day.
  • The Sun Screen and Gelee are always on hand in the summer for before and after sun exposure. The Gelee is very soothing for any bug bites or rashes too.
  • The Fiber Boost (I add it to my shake for breakfast) and Phytosport products are always in my pantry.

There’s something for everyone to help you minimize your exposure to harsh chemicals, improve your skin or energy levels, and protect your skin. The importance of choosing great quality and effective products for daily use helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle.