Self-Regulation Workshops

Self-Regulation Workshops are available for:drshrutisharma

  • Individuals and Families
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Workshops
  • Health Care Professionals

What is Self-Regulation Mental Health & Wellness?

Self-Regulation Mental Health and Wellness is an innovative, not-for-profit, Mental Health and Wellness Program, the outcome of which is Self-Regulation. This Program is formulated to show individuals with anxiety, depression and stress, how to self-regulate naturally through self-regulation therapy, strategies and nutrition. The outcome is to achieve and increase positive mental health via self-regulation, by reducing anxiety, depression and stress. 

The Program encourages Children, Adolescents, Adults and Seniors to regain the ability to express themselves and rebuild a sense of self-worth. Individuals will learn how to achieve self-regulation, as well as be introduced to self-regulation strategies, through therapy included in culinary strategies, nutrition, meditation yoga, stretch exercises, and creative arts, that reach all of the domains of self-regulation (Body, Emotions, Thinking, Social). The Program also benefits Family Units, Professional Development and Employee Mental Health & Wellness.

Each workshop contains:

  • Self-Regulation, Interactive: purposeful hands-on strategies specifically directed to enable self-regulation in all domains, for positive Health and Wellness Outcomes.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Food Awareness:  Learn how this trio contributes to chemical changes in the body to decrease Stress, Anxiety and Depression,  to ensure positive Mental Health and Wellness.    
  • Nutritional interventions: targeted to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, to support and sustain individual daily self-regulation.     
  • Review of Customized Good Mental Health Meal Plans: exclusively containing food ingredients directed to target significant, positive changes in Mental Health and Wellness.

Art Therapy Exercise for Children

The Self-Regulation experience allows individuals to develop an increased sense of self-efficacy, which supports good Mental Health. The strategies are designed to elicit positive memories and help individuals to regain their abilities, in all aspects of their life. Simple and fun purposeful strategies result in bringing great satisfaction to the individual, and through our Maintenance and Action Plan, is continued at home, furthering the capability to sustain self-regulation. These self-regulating strategies also enable Children, Adolescents, Adults and Seniors to engage in social skills such as communication, cooperation and collaboration in a non-threatening way. 

This, combined with pro-mental health Vitamin, Mineral and Food Awareness, creates success. Our Program, which includes targeted therapeutic strategies, and creates awareness of the Vitamins, Minerals and Foods which reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, promotes and sustains Self-Regulation. It is this model that makes the Self-Regulation Mental Health Program very effective. 

Description of Nutrition Component:
The nutritional component of the S-R program strives to educate participants to become aware of the impact their diet can have on anxiety, stress and depression. This self-regulation course highlights the importance of key vitamins, minerals and fats on the function of the brain, which in turn influence the brain chemistry and hormonal profile of the individual. The foods that contain these nutrients will be discussed with examples of take home Meal Plan suggestions. The use of nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and herbal products) will be reviewed for mental health and wellness and upon completion of the program, participants will have a variety of nutritional interventions targeted to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, to support and sustain individual daily self-regulation.

S-R Mental Health and Wellness Speaker Series Offered:

  • What is Self-Regulation?
  • Why is it important that Self-Regulation is achieved?
  • How does student Self-Regulation promote enhanced learning and focus, within the classroom, or other environment?
  • How does Self-Regulation benefit the student (and the Teacher) outside the classroom?
  • How does Self-Regulation benefit an employee in the work place?
  • How does Self-Regulation benefit an individual at home?
  • What is the importance of key vitamins, minerals and fats on the function of the brain, which in turn influence the brain chemistry and hormonal profile of the individual?

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