Concussion Management

Dr. Shruti Sharma is a concussion management and rehabilitation provider.

The program she offers follows that of Shift Concussion Management protocols and is often combined with chiropractic or nutritional interventions to enhance your recovery and performance. Concussion management programs can include:

  • Computerized testing to assess and track your progress

  • Baseline testing – great for pre-season evaluations (get your whole team tested!)

  • Post-concussion testing and Re-assessments

  • In-clinic and at-home exercise and rehabilitation programs

  • Referrals for collaborative care when necessary

  • Nutritional support programs to speed up recovery

Concussions and related symptoms can vary for individuals. They can occur due to direct trauma and indirect trauma to the head (hitting your head vs whiplash). Symptoms can also persist for months to years when suitable treatment hasn’t been performed.

Book your concussion assessment if you’ve got any lingering headaches, visual disturbances, or whiplash related dysfunctions due to direct or indirect trauma to your head.

You should book when participating in any athletic sport that may lead to a head injury (football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, lacrosse, figure skating, dirt bike racing, rock climbing, diving, etc).