Self-Regulation Workshop – Port Perry

This past week I had the pleasure to facilitate a Self-Regulaiton workshop in Port Perry, at the local high school, and it was received better than anticipated.

Due to the nature of the topic and the importance of it’s increased awareness and application in daily life, I found myself excited to create a presentation that would be informative and slightly humourous. Afterall, who wants to sit through a dry presentation on a weeknight? Did I mention, they decided to film it too?

At the end of the night, I found myself energized and humbled by the responses I received and appreciation from parents looking to learn more about how to improve themselves and their families.

If you or anyone you know, such as a human resources coordinator looking to book workshops for their teams this spring, why not consider a self-regulation workshop? For more information, check out

You can also email me directly to get more information or book a workshop for your business, class, or family.

Remember, just because self-regulation sounds easy, doesn’t mean we can all do it well at the times we need it the most.

Dr. Shruti Sharma

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