Percussion Massagers – Benefits

You have probably seen the links to my store for the top three percussion massagers I recommend to patients. Why these three?

The Thumper brand one is one of the most reliable and heavy duty brands, often considered THE professional brand for percussion massagers as they can stand the test of time in a clinical setting with hours of daily use.

The HoMedics brand is recommended for those who do not want or need an intense massage and prefer a gentle touch. If you have bulging discs, vibrations can often irritate your spine and a lower intensity massage may be better suited for your condition. If you are not as muscular and are concerned about osteopenia or osteoporosis, this one may be for you.

Finally, the Obusforme brand massager is included in the list as it is the one we actually use in the clinic as it is in between the two in its intensity and has features that make it easy to use on yourself and those around you. There is an extension on the arm, and interchangeable knobs to help tailor your massage to your needs.

The benefits of using one of these at home between office visits are as follows:
-you don’t have to wait until your next appointment for a massage or muscle therapy
-you can use it for a few minutes a day, or multiple times in a day to relieve your muscle symptoms
-you can get your spouse to give you a massage that will help relieve your muscle tension
-you can give your spouse one too!
-the more you can do to help yourself between visits allows your body to maintain the benefits of treatments for longer periods of time and empowers you to take charge of your health
-your massage therapist doesn’t have to know you aren’t doing your stretches as often as you should
-your chiropractor can adjust you better and with less force
-improve your workouts and recovery after sports

After all, who wouldn’t want a personal massage therapist at home whenever they need a quick massage for tired, achy, sore muscles?

If you have another benefit to share, please comment below.
Dr. Shruti Sharma

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