Does Physical Activity Really Lead to a Longer Life?

Yes, it does!

Physical activity should be regular, a mixture of intensities, and duration of time to keep your joints healthy, strong and flexible.

In a recent editorial by the BMJ, inactivity, disability and death are all discussed with respect to older adults with the mean age of 60yrs. Results found that the most sedentary and inactive individuals have the most to benefit from physical activity, even if in small, low intensity increments.

“Dunlop and colleagues (doi:10.1136/bmj.g2472) followed a cohort of people who had mild to moderate osteoarthritis or were at risk of osteoarthritis to look at the development of disability over two years.4 Cooper and colleagues (doi:10.1136/bmj.g2219) estimated the relation between physical capability in midlife—as indicated by grip strength, chair rise speed, and standing balance—and later mortality.5 Both showed that the relation between inactivity and risk of disability or death is not linear: people in the extreme lowest of the low categories for physical activity or capability were at disproportionately greatest risk.”

To see the full editorial article, clink on the link below.

When starting a new exercise program or wanting to modify your current one, please seek advice from a health and fitness professional near you. New exercises are great to try, when done safely.

Dr. Shruti Sharma, DC


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