Chiropractic Care and Nutritional Counseling For Your Health

We all know the importance of our food choices and how what we eat can impact how we feel, function and perform on a daily basis. But have you thought of how to determine what nutritional support you really need when you’re trying to recover from a cold, injury or when managing a chronic condition?

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I, Dr. Shruti Sharma am not only a chiropractor but also a clinical nutritionist. Too often in the clinic do I hear patients state that they don’t know if they’re eating well or honestly reveal that they know they could be making better food choices but just don’t know where to start. Sound familiar? Nutritional counseling can help.

Then, there are the patients who are on medications, coming in for treatment for injuries or chronic health conditions, as well as acute flare ups of old injuries and even the pain and discomfort they experience usually leads to frustration, anxiety, depression and/or insomnia. Doesn’t it seem logical that these individuals should also consider the role of their food choices to help them heal faster? sleep better? or feel less anxious? So why not book a nutritional counseling appointment to discover how your foods and supplements can help you heal faster and better?

The role of food is something we recognize as important but not all of us will venture outside of the foods we’ve grown up with in order to explore new flavours, spices, foods, or even improve our health conditions. Due to the popularity of certain shows, books and magazines now publicized in the mainstream media, foods like quinoa have made it onto menus of popular franchise restaurants. Have you noticed that there are now more “gluten free”, “vegetarian” and “allergy” menus available at restaurants if you ask? Why these weren’t always available is surprising but it’s refreshing to see that the restaurant industry is recognizing they need to update what they offer in order to bring in or retain clients.

So where does all of this help you when you’re in my office? 

If you have any questions about your nutrition, food choices, or even want to get tested for things like food allergies, candida, fatty acids, or heavy metal toxicity, book a consultation to find out if I can help you with your concerns. As a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist I can order lab work, similar to a naturopath, and help you make lifestyle choices that will aid your ability to hurt less, move better and live well.

Clinical nutrition is not all about supplements but more about helping you determine the root cause of your nutritional status, in order to improve it and teach you how to support your own health. Eating whole foods, at appropriate times, in the amount best suited to your needs and/or the use of supplements will be discussed. Other lifestyle suggestions, including exercise, water intake, stress management and/or cognitive behavioural therapy techniques can all be incorporated into your customized nutrition plan as needed. In addition to co-management with a naturopath, your medical doctor or other holistic nutritionists may also be applicable.

I am currently looking for clients who have a health condition relating to their muscles, nerves and joints to formulate protocols that I will make part of my standard care for clients open to nutritional intervention when coming in for their musculoskeletal concerns. For example, individuals with sciatica, sciatica-like pain, changes in circulation and energy levels, or joint stiffness and inflammation can all benefit. Message me or leave a comment below to find out if you qualify for this new initiative in the office.

I am always striving to improve the quality of my care for your benefit so you can hurt less, move better and live well.

To book an appointment email me at, please mention what your main nutritional concern is or if you’d like to help me with my MSK protocol program development.

Dr. Shruti Sharma

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