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Rock Tape

Dr. Shruti Sharma


This weekend I had the privilege to get certified as a Roc Doc and am looking forward to enhancing your performance, recovery and function with the great techniques we learned. As most of you are aware, I have been using kinesio tape to supplement my clinical treatments in the office for a couple years and chose to refresh my skills to help you hurt less and move better.

I will continue to use different brands of tape, so there’s no need to be concerned about your current treatments being altered. I have always used Rock Tape in addition to SpiderTech tape and find the combination of these two products to be superior to some of the other brands available. You’re still welcome to bring in the products that you personally like for me to apply for you, or you can purchase your own roll of tape from me to use during your recreational activities.

Most of you have started your spring training programs and should book an appointment to see if there’s a way the tape can help you hurt less, move better and live well.

Dr. Shruti Sharma, DC
SpiderTech Therapist and Roc Doc

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