Acupuncture Services in Scarborough or Bowmanville

Interested in Trying Acupuncture? 

acupuncture by dr shruti sharma

Acupuncture meridians along the front of the body

Are you looking for acupuncture services near you? Then you should consider Dr. Shruti Sharma for your acupuncture needs. She is not only a chiropractor but also a certified medical acupuncture provider. She combines her chiropractic and acupuncture training to help you get the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time. Why not try acupuncture for your muscle, joint or nerve pain and related conditions when aiming to heal faster?

Does the idea of having needles gently inserted into your body scare you?

Don’t worry, the needles are solid, sterile, single use needles, and are similar in thickness to fine pencil lead vs the needles you may be familiar with when getting blood work.

When considering an acupuncture provider, you may want to refer to your extended health care benefits and determine who can provide acupuncture, in order to be reimbursed. Most policies will cover traditional acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists or massage therapists trained in acupuncture. If you’re not sure, please call your policy provider before booking, to ensure there are no surprises. Dr. Shruti Sharma provides acupuncture services as part of her chiropractic services, but if you need someone who is a traditional acupuncturist or a naturopathic doctor, she will gladly refer you to someone she trusts.

To learn more about acupuncture’s benefits or to give acupuncture a try, you can call the clinic nearest you to book a 10 minute consultation with Dr. Shruti Sharma, to determine if acupuncture will benefit you.

An initial acupuncture visit would consist of a detailed medical assessment, complete with physical exam, evaluation of your treatment expectations and goals and if applicable, your first treatment. Please remember to eat within 4-6 hours of your appointment, avoid any strong medications/pain killers, and come dressed appropriately (or bring a change of clothes, shorts, or a tank top).

Acupuncture is a great treatment option for a variety of conditions, so why not give it a try!

Dr. Shruti Sharma
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