Looking for Concussion Care In Durham or Scarborough?

Looking for Concussion Care?


Check out the following attachment to learn about 6 steps for concussion help.

6 Steps for Concussion Help

A Concussion can often resolve on it’s own without residual symptoms but when should you seek out care to help you recover faster?

  • a moderate to severe hit to the head or neck (doesn’t have to lead to loss of consciousness)
  • direct head trauma
  • severe whiplash
  • symptoms lingering for more than a week
  • change in vision, blurred vision, double vision, etc
  • increased frequency and/or severity of headaches
  • sensitivity to light
  • difficulty turning or bending the neck
  • extreme fatigue
  • and the list can go on..

As with any other injury, getting the correct assessment, treatment and regular follow ups will help speed up your recovery and return to work, play and your normal lifestyle.

Often, work, home and schol accommodations need to be made and the relevant parties notified of the recommendations. Limiting screen time, using sunglasses, avoiding busy areas (hallways, malls, stores) and thorough eye exams are often required.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a concussion and needs to be evaluated by a certified concussion management provider, please contact the office location closes to you (or them) to book an appointment.

You don’t always need to sit in a dark room and wait it out, there are other treatment options.

Dr. Shruti Sharma

You can visit the concussion information page for more. Concussion Management or Shift Concussion


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