Massage Therapy Benefits

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Massage Therapy is a great way to compliment your health care goals. It not only relieves tension in stressed out muscles, but offers your mind an escape to unwind and recharge. If you’ve never had a massage before, please don’t book more than 45 minutes to ensure that your body doesn’t respond by tensing up and going into muscle spasms. Yes, that is possible as your anxiety level about a new experience can negatively affect the positive benefits of your treatment. Book a 30-45 minute massage and discover the benefits of having relaxed muscles.

neck side view

We have excellent massage therapists at both clinic locations. Bookings are based on availability and if you’ve started to work with one therapist, I recommend that you continue with the same one for better continuity of treatment. However, schedules do change and if a switch is required, we are glad to accommodate your needs.

Don’t wear your shoulders as earrings, get a massage to loosen up those tight, stressed muscles!

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